Soul id was built as an effort to create a shift in Social Media with the focus of creating individual communities for every passion / interest rather than large all in one networks. For example, Soul id has a community dedicated to snowboarding, giving snowboarders the ability to view just the content they want to see, and access a community that loves what they love. Essentially, the platform functions as a massive filtration system, but is seen as host of multiple social networks.

The company focused on the niche of action sports and had the ability to scale into many different passion driven communities such as music or photography. Soul id as a company was focused on providing dedicated solutions to the world of sports. Through the
pairing of brands and the support from athletes, photographers and sports enthusiasts, the company was driven to make Soul id an iconic brand in the world of sports and beyond, striving to create a community for every passion / interest group.


Soul id was built to be fast and scalable. It was mobile optimized for all devices and had an iOS app as well. The product was fluent with social media features including HD video / photo, messaging, push alerts, stat sharing, custom CMS, and so much more.


Soul id is a custom built platform consisting of over 450,000 lines of code. The founders chose to build a custom system rather than using an existing one to allow flexibility in the design and scalability of the features. Soul id is built primarily on node.js, a framework that is used for building fast, scalable, network applications.

Node.js was used as the back end language for the Soul id system. Node.js is open-source and a very powerful JavaScript-based framework/platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. It brings event-driven programming to web servers enabling development of fast web servers in Javascript. The entire system makes use of API driven applications that we built. Any adjustments made at the back end does not affect the front facing system. The team used the same API’s to develop our iOS application. The Soul id set of API’s can be used for expanding to any platform whether it be on Android OS for example or any another web application. Node.js applications were written in JavaScript, and can be run within the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. It provides a library of various JavaScript modules which allows simplifying the development of web applications to a greater extent. All API’s in the Node.js library are asynchronous (non-blocking) (i.e. the server can call multiple API’s simultaneously without waiting for the data returned from the API previously called) allowing Soul id to function at an accelerated rate. In summary, Soul id was built to be a fast and scalable network application using the node.js framework.

The Soul id 100 for photographers was created to acknowledge the content that inspires
the world, bringing credit to the talent that the photographers carry. Every week, Soul id
recognized the talent of a photographer and added them to the list of the top 100 photographers in the world. Soul id worked with over 100 professional photographers.


Soul id had users in over 60 countries with a focused audience of action sports photographers, athletes, and enthusiasts. The company worked with over 150 professional athletes and photographers across the globe, and ranked as one of the fastest growing brands in action sports by NBC. The company participated as a media partner and vendor at large events such as Dew Tour, and was strategically partnered with Red Bull for media content and VIP access to shoot media at Red Bull events. The Soul id team consisted of 14 passion driven individuals dedicated to creating the largest network of athletes in the world.

Thank You

To everyone that supported this dream and made it a reality. Our props, shoutouts, and send its go to you. Love - The Soul id Team