it's your lifestyleit's your worldit's your soul id

The Idea

Soul id was founded in 2013 not as a company, not as a social network or a clothing line, but as a state of mind. The mindset that if you identify your passion and share your world, you will inspire an audience that loves what you love.

Soul id was built to give athletes a new edge in representing their talent and their world. The Athlete Network was built not by one team, but by hundreds of professional and amateur photographers and athletes. These contributors believed it was time to create a platform and a brand dedicated to inspiring the world through powerful content and pushing the limits.

The Brand


Passion. Identity. Lifestyle. World. These were the elements used to design the image of Soul id. After months of design, influence from numbers of athletes, and the creative work of professional artist David Selkirk, we had it. Soul id now represents the top talent in the action sports industry and supports those that are driven to inspire.

It's Your Lifestyle
It's Your World

Our World

Inspired by thousands of passionate athletes that have broken records and influenced history, the following is the mission, mindset, and heart beat of Soul id.

Here's to the athletes.
The risk takers. The driven.
The passionate. The 5:00 - 9:00 instead of the 9:00 - 5:00. The ones who push the limits of the human race. They're not fond of the rules, and are not satisfied with 2nd place. You can watch them, interact with them,
glorify, or support them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they inspire. They take the human limits to another level. And while some may see them as athletes, we see heros. Because the one's that are passionate enough to think they can win, that they can push the limits and inspire the world...
are the ones who do.
Soul Id